Understanding Racism Today: an Interview with David Roediger

I think the big advantage we have now in scholarship on race in the last several decades is that we get to start from the fact that it’s a biological fiction.


Sanctified or Sanctimonious: Hypocrisy and the Anti-Choice Movement

Defenders of women’s rights to reproductive health care options have long been aware of the far right’s opposition to women’s reproductive freedom.

Come Together: A United Strategy for Election 2006

As the light of day exposes their ugly corruption and decay, the Bush far-right cabal is moving even more strenuously and quietly to establish the structures that can be used to carry on their corporate agenda no matter who wins the election.

The Dream is Over: The Jaws of Darkness Do Devour It Up

'The dream,' John Lennon once said of 60s idealism, 'is over.' These were the words that came to me late one evening, sitting at my desk, in the glow of a computer screen, a glass of red wine at one hand, a spiral ringed notebook and pen at the other.


Chytrid Fungus, Toxic Fundamentalism, and the Mass Extinction of Frogs and Freedoms

The first law of ecology is this: all things are interconnected - even frogs and freedom. I was reminded of this recently while looking at a magazine. In it, I came across a picture of a Costa Rican Golden Toad.

How the Worm Turned on Interstate 95

I was driving along a car-filled stretch of Interstate 95, just outside Portland, Maine, on a cool, cloudless Friday, and around me, a seemingly endless river of cars and trucks crowded the dark asphalt road.

GOP Vulnerable but Voters Say Dems Lack Agenda

GOP President George W. Bush’s popularity has sunk to levels not seen since just before Watergate ousted GOPer Richard Nixon from the White House.

Georgia: Denise Majette Run Upsets Democrats

Republican incumbent Kathy Cox made a notable misstep in January 2004, when Cox decreed the word 'evolution' would be deleted from all state curricula and replaced with the phrase 'biological changes over time.'


An Iraqi-American Student Speaks Out

Thousands of Iraqi civilians have died, while the American soldier death toll is continuously rising. How is one life more important than another?

Walking to New Orleans: Veterans Arrive in Style

The Veterans Gulf March started in Alabama on March 14, 2006, and ended in New Orleans today. It was modeled after the famous civil rights march from Selma to Montgomery several decades ago.

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