Low-Wage Michigan Workers Get a Big Boost

Thanks to the campaign by Michigan’s unions and community allies, the state’s low-wage workers will be better able to support themselves and their families.

Liberia-Nigeria-Sierra Leone: Handcuffed Taylor deposited at war crimes court

A UN helicopter brought Taylor from the Liberian capital Monrovia directly to the landing pad of the Special Court in Freetown

The Dilemmas of the Darfur Conflict

Geographically the largest country in Africa, the Sudan abuts nine sub-Saharan and north Africa countries. All their ethical and cultural diversities are reflected within its borders. As a result, the Sudan has been described as an Afro-Arab microcosm of the continent.

Immigrants' Rights: The Los Angeles Demonstration

The over half a million immigrants rights supporters who rallied in Los Angeles March 25 sent their fellow American people, and their government a clear message: We are Americans, we are workers who build up this economy and society, we are not terrorists nor criminals, we deserve justice and equality with legalization!


Book Review: The Lost World of Italian-American Radicalism

The Lost World of Italian-American Radicalism is an important collection of essays on Italian American working-class history. Generally perceived as conservative, Italian Americans have a lengthy and influential record of radical working-class activity.

Veterans Affairs Nurses, AFGE Advocate for Increased Staffing and Improved Care

Chronic under-funding of the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA), insufficient staffing levels, poor compensation and mandatory overtime are just a few of the issues causing a patient care crisis within the VA.


A Profile of Philip Bonosky, Proletarian Novelist

After he had an article published in Collier’s magazine, Philip Bonosky returned to Duquesne, Pennsylvania, the steel town where he had grown up.

The Immigration Bomb Explodes

Rarely have U.S.-Mexican relations received the sort of public scrutiny that the currently raging immigration debate is now attracting.

Major Mobilization Set for April 29th, N.Y.: MARCH FOR PEACE, JUSTICE AND DEMOCRACY

Unite for change - let's turn our country around! The times are urgent and we must act...We have a foreign policy that is foreign to our core values, and domestic policies wreaking havoc at home. It's time for a change.


Hunger strikers and supporters march against anti-immigrant bill

Hunger strikers and supporters, two of them in wheelchairs, headed a march of 5000 people in San Francisco, protesting bills in the US Congress which would criminalize immigrant status and violate the rights of immigrants.

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