Truth Seeping Through Media After Ten Months

It's March 27th, my son's due date, but it looks like he may be late being born.  Maybe he's heard what it's like out here.  I may have had C-Span a little loud during Bush's last press conference.

Remove root cause of destruction of Iraqi peace and life!

March 20 marked the third anniversary of the launch of the U.S.-British war against Iraq. It is increasingly clear that the preemptive war against Iraq without a U.N. Security Council resolution is a war of aggression that destroys the world order for peace based on the U.N. Charter.

Peace Activists Endorse EXXONMOBIL War Boycott

The ExxonMobil War Boycott campaign announces endorsements by Cindy Sheehan, Howard Zinn, and a host of internationally known activists and writers.

Antiwar Movement Marks 3rd Anniversary of War

Over this past week, tens of thousands of people throughout the U.S., and thousands more around the world, turned out to mark the 3rd anniversary of the war in Iraq.

'Operation Swarmer'

On 19 March 2006 I wrote to the BBC about their coverage of US military 'Operation Swarmer'...

Marching, Organizing and Voting to End the War in Iraq

Three years into 'shock and awe', the Bush administration’s imperialist war and occupation of Iraq has shattered hundreds of thousands of lives, both in Iraq and in the United States.

New Yorkers Press City Council to Oppose Iraq War

United for Peace and Justice NY Launches Peace Zone Campaign
New York, NY—New Yorkers will hold a town hall meeting with City Councilmembers to press them to take action to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq now.


Media Avoids Covering Vote on Permanent Bases

Something is happening in Iraq that most Americans have never heard about, but many Americans think the war is being fought for: the United States is building what look like permanent military bases.

Iraq: A military quagmire

OCCUPATION forces have chosen the third anniversary of their illegal invasion of Iraq to launch an exercise around Samarra that they describe as the largest airborne assault since March 2003.

Day of Action Against The War

March 18 marks the third anniversary of the beginning of the brutal war and occupation of Iraq.

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