30 US Reps for Bush Impeachment Inquiry

30 US House Representatives have signed on as sponsors or co-sponsors of H. Res 635, which would create a Select Committee to look into the grounds for recommending President Bush’s impeachment.

Japan: Paying for US Troop Realignment is Unjustifiable

Shouldering costs for constructing a base within U.S. territory runs counter to Japan's Constitution and even contradicts the Japan-U.S. Security Treaty.

Running-Amok with John Bolton

John Bolton’s tenure at the United Nations has been relatively unsurprising. He was shoehorned into his position by presidential edict although the Senate openly opposed his appointment.

Strange Bedfellows: India and the United States

Another is that this is another major step in India’s strategic realignment as an open U.S. ally. This realignment is particularly tragic since U.S. imperial legitimacy is now at a low ebb.

Troops Say, 'Bring Us Home!'

A recent survey of U.S. troops in Iraq shows that 72 percent believe the U.S. should withdraw from the country within the next year.


Georgia Secretary of State Cox Violated Voter Rights, Judge Rules

A Senior US District Judge found that Georgia Secretary of State (SOS), Cathy Cox, violated voter rights by undermining voter registration drives.


Burying Barry: Bonds and The Chain of Command

'If he did it, hang him!' This is what ESPN radio host John Seibel (filling in on the Dan Patrick show) said about Barry Bonds.

Chinese Report Blasts US Human Rights Record

'The U.S. government frequently commits wanton slaughters of innocents in its war efforts and military operations in other countries,' said a report titled 'The Human Rights Record of the United States in 2005.

Women of the World vs. Bush

The Bush administration's policies (as well as the likeminded anti-women fundamentalism of many regimes throughout the world that are allied with the Bush administration) threaten the lives and health of millions of women and girls.

Peru's Presidential Elections: The Military Issue

Three major candidates are the prime contenders to become Peru's next president when the country goes to the polls on April 9 to elect a new leader and congress.

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