The book at hand is at the top of the best-seller list and has been for some time. It consists of the report and analysis of the President Commission appointed to investigate the tragedy of September 11, 2001. That this book has sold so well and attracted so much attention bespeaks the proliferating interest in foreign policy that is now sweeping the nation.

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The Language of the Right

Once again Chávez has triumphed in Venezuela, with unprecedented levels of voter participation and a margin of votes that would be the envy of most world leaders, especially in Latin America, where many governments would not survive a referendum, particularly if the poor voted.

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Eyes Off the Prize, by Carol Anderson

Anderson’s work portrays the intense and complicated internal politics that characterized the NAACP, the prewar National Negro Congress and the postwar Civil Rights Congress. The author also examines the white middle men and power brokers dealing with African American leadership in the Roosevelt, Truman and early Eisenhower administrations, and the international maneuvering over positions and policies concerning colonialism and racism in the early history of the United Nations.

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No More Hiroshimas or Nagasakis

ASSEMBLED in Hiroshima, the first victim city in history to experience the tragedy of nuclear attack by the United States of America, the World Conference Against Atomic and Hydrogen Bombs has called upon the people of the world to rise in action together to eliminate all nuclear weapons from the universe.

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The Myth of Partial Birth Abortion

Hopefully, this month’s third rebuff of the Bush administration by a US District Court of the 2003 partial birth abortion ban (PBA) act passed in Congress and signed immediately by President George W. Bush, will be an omen of things to come, with the final defeat coming on November Second. Democratic candidate John Kerry is opposed to such a ban and he has pledged he would appoint judges to federal benches that agree with his stand.

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The Meaning of Contemporary Globalization, Part 2

Let us now consider the impact of globalisation upon the different classes within a third world society. Deflation reduces the employment opportunities in such an economy, especially within the rural sector, a phenomenon that has occurred in India in the period of neo-liberal reforms, notwithstanding the claims about high growth.

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The Meaning of Contemporary Globalization, Part 1

'Globalisation' is the term under which imperialism presents itself in its current phase. The term however is a misnomer, since its implicit suggestion, that the degree of freedom of commodity and capital flows of the present epoch is something unprecedented in the history of capitalism, is not tenable.

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The 'Ignominy' of Jim Hoagland

The dictionary defines 'ignominy' as 'disgrace' and it is the word recently used by Washington Post columnist Jim Hoagland to describe Philippine President Gloria Macapagal Arroyo’s decision to withdraw a 51 person contingent from Iraq in exchange for the life of a kidnapped Philippine national.

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A Possibility For Non-violent Struggle In Palestine

The so-called unilateral plan of Israeli PM Sharon aims to destroy the components and pillars of the Palestinian state and wipe out the dream of the Palestinian people on their homeland and reinforce the control of the military and settlement occupation indefinitely. The plan also aims to cancel any just solution for the Palestinian refugees cause. Moreover, the government of Israel uses all violence tools to impose these policies and to find an alternative Palestinian leadership that it accepts.

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Republican Conventional Lies: Have you no sense of decency, Karl?

On the eve of the Republican National Convention, Karl Rove went public with the GOP’s battle plan. Speaking of Bush, he said 'People know who he is and they know what his beliefs are and they know who he is and they know what his beliefs are.' Is that clear enough?

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