No Where Else to Go: Latino Youth and the Poverty Draft (print edition)

Military recruiters are well aware that the economic situation for Latino youth is relatively bleak and have targeted Latino communities as one of the primary objectives for their efforts in coming decades. The targeting of Latino youth for military recruitment was initiated by former Secretary of the Army Louis Caldera who once declared that 'Hispanics have a natural inclination for military service.'


Why Latinos Want to Dump Bush (print edition)

As the November 2 election comes closer it is clear that Latino voters will be a critical element of the growing forces opposing the Bush administration and Republican control of Congress. At the beginning of 2004 anti-Bush forces were worried about the Latino vote because of support for Bush reported by opinion polls in the wake of 9/11.

The Republican Campaign to Suppress the Black Vote – A Racist Conspiracy

The right to vote is fundamental to any real democracy. The African American people from slavery to today have had to wage a hard, bitter and bloody struggle for this right: it is therefore a sacred and basic part of achieving full democracy and equality for all and an important gauge of the strength of US democracy.

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The Myth of Partial Birth Abortion

Hopefully, this month’s third rebuff of the Bush administration by a US District Court of the 2003 partial birth abortion ban (PBA) act passed in Congress and signed immediately by President George W. Bush, will be an omen of things to come, with the final defeat coming on November Second. Democratic candidate John Kerry is opposed to such a ban and he has pledged he would appoint judges to federal benches that agree with his stand.

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Republican Conventional Lies: Have you no sense of decency, Karl?

On the eve of the Republican National Convention, Karl Rove went public with the GOP’s battle plan. Speaking of Bush, he said 'People know who he is and they know what his beliefs are and they know who he is and they know what his beliefs are.' Is that clear enough?

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The Latino and Asian Vote

As election 2004 approaches, impact at the voting booth of the nation's two largest immigrant-dominated populations—Latinos and Asians—is increasing. But, Urban Institute analysis underscores that voting levels among Latinos and Asians lag well behind the groups' population growth, largely because many new immigrants are not yet citizens and their children are still too young to vote. As a result, the full political force of ongoing demographic change will be felt over decades, not years.

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Two Forces Battling in the United States

The Republican Convention in New York apart from being a mediatic spectacle full of choreographed movements destined to attract the attention of voters, collect the ballots of those who are indifferent and neutralize the actions of the adversary reveals the presence of two opposite forces in the United States' society and the development of a political struggle that tends to characterize a whole period of the world's most powerful imperialist country.

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GOP Plans to Interrogate Immigrants Receiving Health Care

A new proposal that calls for detailed questioning of immigrants after they receive emergency medical care is drawing criticism from both immigrant rights advocates and healthcare providers. Critics say such questioning may cause immigrants to avoid seeking emergency health services out of fear that information gathered by hospitals will be shared with other government agencies.

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USA Basketball in Black and White

The racial slings and arrows are easier for the sporting public than the uncomfortable truth. The straight dope is that the US no longer owns a patent on the game of basketball. Unlike 1992 when the first Dream Team of Magic, Larry and Jordan posed for pictures and signed autographs for opponents and then won by 40.

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Being Anti-Bush is Not Enough to Win

Across the country there is a growing anti-Bush feeling, but that alone is not enough. To win requires that millions be convinced that the differences between Bush and Kerry are real, substantial and consequential to their lives on the whole range of issues: Social Security, Medicare, health care, overtime, minimum wage, public education, affirmative action and much more.

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