Cuba: The Road to Heaven is Also Paved with Good Intentions


After the scandal caused by the detention of terrorists Santiago Alvarez Fernandez Magriña and Osvaldo Mitat, in Miami, the US press media and mainly those in Florida, seem to be trying to silence the issue.

Washington’s traditional complicity with the Miami extreme right wing is widely known. There, anything linked with anti Cuban terrorism has always been done with the top US authorities’ consent.

It is odd that this federal operation against old members on Washington’s payroll has been approved by those who protect them. The indictments that the US government itself decided to charge the detainees with are surprising and can even be used against them, because it is the Central Intelligence Agency and other associated subversive organizations are the ones supplying necessary weapons to right wing organizations based in Miami, trying to defeat the revolution.

And just what are machine guns, grenade launchers, grenades and thousands of rounds of ammo and explosive materials, such as the ones confiscated to Santiago Alvarez, used for? Uncountable material evidence on the systematic aggressive policy by the U.S against Cuba, for more than forty years including terrorist activities organized, financed and directed from that territory, is a response to such a question.

Just as in the 90’s, a similar arsenal of weapons was used to shoot at the Melía Varadero (1992) and Guitart Cayo Coco (1994) hotels from launches, C-4 explosives were detonated in other Cuban tourists facilities such as the Melía Cohíba, Capri, Nacional, Tritón, Chateu Miramar and Copacabana, (the Summer of 1997) and caused the death of innocent people like the Italian tourist Fabio Di Celmo. In that same period, another bomb was planted at the ‘La Bodeguita del Medio’ restaurant.

The worst thing is that a year after those tragic events, on July 12 and 13, 1997, the lackey of the Bush dynasty, Luis Posada Carriles, in an interview by The New York Times, admitted having organized the afore mentioned crusade of explosions in Havana. All these acts have been left unpunished.

Neither was there any energetic reaction when the notorious criminal and ringleader of the terrorist organization F-4, Rodolfo Frómeta, confessed to having bought three light anti tank missiles and one land to air Stinger missile, with evident intention of unscrupulously killing people. The sentence imposed for such a crime was one year of house arrest.

Last but not least, this same Mr. Frómeta, (who continued training criminals in Camp Everglades) served as a government witness in the trial of the five anti terrorist Cubans in Miami. These men were unjustly jailed in US prisons, more than seven years ago, for struggling against what men like Frómeta represent. These assassins act with impunity.

The same thing happened with terrorist Tony Bryant, who publicly stated that in 1989 he was detained by the FBI with a shipment of arms and explosives and the Miami police authorities did not arrest him. He added that he had been intercepted on several missions against Cuba, and nothing has ever happened to him.

Let’s remember that weapons like those confiscated from Santiago Alvarez were used to kill President John F. Kennedy, the ex Chilean Foreign Minister Orlando Letelier and Ronni Moffit all on US territory, as well as supplied clandestinely to the Nicaraguan contras.

Other people, like Orlando Bosch and Luis Posada Carriles with an even greater level of protection and raised to the pinnacle of Satan, were used to blow up a Cuban airliner mid air with 73 people on board.

Would Washington be willing to turn back the page on this story? The road to heaven is also paved with good intentions.

(Taken from: Cubahora)