SUDAN: IDPs not safe from violence, aid workers say

Displaced people in the strife-torn western region of Darfur continue to be threatened and harassed even after their arrival in camps, aid workers say... Last month, 13 militiamen entered a camp in North Darfur and fired on civilians, killing two children, aged six and nine, and injuring a teenager and an adult male.

The American Auto Industry in Crisis: The threat to middle-class jobs, wages, health care and pensio

Democrats on the House Committee on Education and the Workforce [held] an E-Hearing Dec. 6 - 15, 2005, on the situation at Delphi, General Motors and the American auto industry. Below is testimony submitted by UAW President Ron Gettelfinger and UAW Vice President Richard Shoemaker.

Wal-Mart CEO Scott gives another PR speech, but cannot make secret management memo disappear

It is obvious that Wal-Mart continues to be something of an Emperor Without Clothes, such as the real emperor who rode naked through his town in the old children's storybook. The massive investments in public relations do not really work, and why should they work if the story itself is not right.

PAKISTAN: Thousands still without basic shelter two months after quake

According to the latest UN situation report on shelter, aid agencies, local authorities and the Pakistan military - who say they are constructing 6,000 temporary shelters a day - will have provided non-tent shelter for at least 595,000 people by 10 December.

ZIMBABWE: Watchdog body condemns media owner's travel ban

Speaking to IRIN from Harare, Ncube said he had been told that his name was on a government list of 17 prominent Zimbabweans whose passports would be confiscated if they travelled back to their homeland. The list apparently includes the name of a well-known activist.

World Journalists Protest over Union-Busting Row at Associated Press

Unions from key countries in which the Associated Press is represented sent appeals to Mr. Curley expressing their dismay over actions of the company in Mexico where five editorial workers were dismissed in a row over the future of union representation.


Canada's Election: Stop the Big Business parties - Elect progressive MPs

A spate of recent polls confirms what has been publicly acknowledged for a long time - that a clear majority of Canadians oppose a snap federal election this winter. And yet that is what all of the sitting parties in Parliament - including the Martin Liberals - seem intent on provoking.


USLAW Statement on the Iraq War

From its very beginning, USLAW has publicly opposed the war in Iraq. We stated that Bush was lying, that we had no right to invade Iraq, that oil was more the issue than weapons of mass destruction. We predicted that war with Iraq would lead to a prolonged and bloody guerrilla war, while encouraging terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere in the world.

Imperialism, Globalization and the Struggle for Socialism

The topic of this discussion opens up the possibility of a creative and illuminating exchange of views about the consequences of the onslaught by forces of capitalism for working people across the world and independent countries.


Scotland: Stop the War!

oday, Cindy Sheehan and Scottish mothers who have lost their sons in Iraq held a rally outside the Scottish parliament, spoke at a cross-party meeting of Members of the Scottish Parliament, were welcomed to the City of Glasgow by the Lord Provost, and addressed an anti-war rally in Glasgow.

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