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We should support labor's view on tax cut deal

On December 7, 2010 AFL-CIO President Rich Trumka, several days before Vermont Senator Sander's passionate filibuster, blasted the Administration's "tax cut deal" with the Republican Leadership.

Reckless GOP Obstructionism Means No Easy Choices

The following is a few days old, but it still makes sense.

Unemployment/tax deal

Rather than an extensive essay on the subject, I propose to present these arguments as bullet points for ease of reading – and of course your criticism:1.

IMHO: Can the left offer a real alternative?

IMHO -- if you really recommend voting no on the tax deal, you need to have a practical, immediate alternative to the immediate impacts on unemployment, and tax rises for workers that will otherwise take place.

Guest blog: Response to congressional opposition to the tax deal

So where was all of this opposition during the Bush administration? How come these democrats can stand firm against Obama and were hardly heard when Bush was president? Why didn't Bernie Sanders and other progressive stalwarts stage some drama against the original tax cut legislation or the invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq? And why are the tax cuts for the wealthy the only issue when around 3 million need unemployment benefits? 3 million people represents a lot of people with large political and economic implications.

AFL-CIO slams Republicans for obstructionism on taxes

This form AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka:

Progressives condemn Republican rich tax cuts gimmick

This is from United for a Fair Economy:

[Update] On Paul Krugman's "Let's Not Make a Deal"

Paul Krugman is one of the most influential writers on the Left.

Obama Sitting on the Fence?

Matt Bai has an article in the Wednesday New York Times "Debt-Busting Issue May Force Obama Off Fence."

Thoughts On Left Criticism of Obama

Thoughts  on Left criticism of Obama: The Left press and blogosphere is rife with analyses on the mistakes of the Obama administration that allegedly 'caused' the Republican resurgence in the mid-term elections.

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