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What the coming compromise will look like, oh, and the Republicans are still the main enemy of the working class

With the change in the balance of power in Congress and many outgoing members unwilling to risk future corporate lobbying positions with risky votes, it is increasingly plain that the White House has been forced back from a more progressive agenda.

"Idiot's Delight" Some Rain on the Republican's Parade

Last night, while channel surfing, I came across the former Saturday Night Live performer, failed sports commentator, and middle range rightwing comedian  Dennis Miller on the Tonight Show making bad jokes about "Obama Care" "kicking ass for terrorists" while calling himself someone who was "socially liberal" and "economically conservative(Dwight Eisenhower,...

John Birchers should learn to read (or at least listen)

My seven year-old is a good reader.

Important election data

All of what we know about this election so far indicates that it was mostly a media-created, corporate financed coup.

Time to close ranks behind this President

After last night's election results, it has become pretty clear what gobs of campaign cash from secret corporate donors will do to America's democratic process – thanks to a right-wing Supreme Court decision in the Citizens United case.

12 days to go

If the grand alliance that elected Barack Obama comes out in full force to vote we can stop the Tea Party/Republican takeover, continue moving forward and push further for green jobs, union rights, health care and the safety net for the common good.

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The fight to stop a Republican/Tea Party takeover of Congress is hot, dirty and tough.

November is almost here, get the vote out!

         It’s fresh, it’s hot and it’s got a serious message: In 2010, young people have a big stake in the outcome of this election and the only way the powers that be will respect them is if they vote and make the politicians listen to their concerns.

Push House to consider COLA adjustment on Social Security bennies

I saw this statement from the NCPSSM on news this week that House Dems are considering a bill that would link Social Security benefit increases to COLA. Needs some push I think:

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