Iraq's Election Still Under Review

A UN review mission completed last week questioned the competitiveness of Iraq's national election, the absence of regulations on the sources of campaign funds or caps on spending, and the transparency or accountability of spending campaign resources.


Iraqi Students Protest Attacks by Religious Extremists

Iraqi university sudents struck in mid-March in protest of religious extremist violence aimed at women students and others who support equal gender relations and secular lifestyles.


Tens of Thousands of Turkish Workers Demand an End to Iraq War

With all the other anti-war forces around the world, thousands of workers from various provinces around Turkey condemned the US and chanted out for the 'US to get out of the Middle East.'


Justice for Kirkuk: Interview with Hamid Majeed Mousa

The UAE daily newspaper “Al-Bayan” (February 2005) published an interview with comrade Hamid Majeed Mousa, the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party, focussing on the problem of Kirkuk.


Millions Protest Iraq War in Indian State of West Bengal

ANY programme against imperialism brings out that extra fervour among the people of Bengal.


Iraqi Students Strike in Protest of Religious Extremist Violence

Students from Basrah and Shatt Al-Arab universities in Basra City have been on all-out strike for the last three days as a reaction to the attack on 15 March by religious hardliners and Mahdi Army militiamen.


Thousands Protest Iraq War in Japan

'The U.S. must stop occupying Iraq! All foreign forces must withdraw from Iraq!'--chanted peace activists joined by many citizens in demonstration marches and various peace actions in major cities in Japan,


Veterans and military familes say: 'Bring troops home now - and care for them'

“Those in the armed services right now can speak the truth about Iraq because we’ve been there, we’ve seen with our own eyes the disaster we’ve created in Iraq.


Resistance Is Not Futile: Labor and the Struggle for Iraq

Now that elections in Iraq have produced a representative interim government responsible for constructing new legal and political structures, there is no longer any excuse to postpone US troop withdrawal.


Britons Demand Blair's Accountability for Iraq War

TONY Blair has gambled that the people of Britain will 'move on' from their opposition to the illegal invasion of Iraq to other issues, taking the heat off his government.

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