Baseball's 'Theater of the Absurd'

“A theater of the absurd.” This is how Rep. Tom Lantos described Thursday’s “steroid hearings” on Capital Hill. The description is apt. Viewers, as CSPAN and ESPN joined forces, witnessed hearings as pointless as they were, admittedly, riveting.

Canada Rejects US Ballistic Missile Defense

A majority of Canadians have rebuffed the Bush Administration's intrusion into Canadian political affairs and compelled the Martin Liberal Government to keep Canada out of US Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD).

Whither Europe? Civilization or Barbarism

The world is on the verge of an historical moment. In the past fifteen years, since the dissolution of the Soviet Union, imperialism has launched reckless attacks, with the consideration of absence of a power to stop them.

Marx in Iraq

The Iraqi Communist Party (ICP), also known as the People's Union, won two seats in the interim National Assembly. Do you see a future for the ICP in Iraq?

Wal-Mart Leads Companies with Employees on Public Assistance

Arkansas' Department of Human Services released damning figures yesterday stating that the retail giant leads the list of top 10 employers whose workers are receiving state welfare.

FBI Chief Admits Irregularities in Case of the Cuban Five

Nearly seven years after a farce of a trial, a former Miami FBI bureau chief has admitted that the five Cubans imprisoned in the US were not given access to some intelligence information relating to their case.


Steroid Hearings: Take Congress Out to the Ball Game

I admit that I have been a baseball fan longer than I have been consciously anything else – a Dodger fan from the South Bronx since the Summer of 1951.


'Coalition of the Willing' Falling Apart

Polls conducted recently in Australia and Italy indicate that voters there may be ready to replace their conservative governments.


E.P.A. Nominee Supports Testing of Chemicals on Human Subjects

President Bush recently nominated Stephen L. Johnson, a 24-year veteran of the Environmental Protection Agency, to be the agency’s new administrator.


Bush attempts to equate military occupation by the U.S. and its allies with democracy, and the struggle against those occupations with terrorism.

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