Appeals Court Nominee Thomas B. Griffith is a Wrong Choice

Bush's judicial appointee Thomas B. Griffith has a strong record of opposition to women’s rights and falsely answered questions about is record under oath.


Iraqi Students Strike in Protest of Religious Extremist Violence

Students from Basrah and Shatt Al-Arab universities in Basra City have been on all-out strike for the last three days as a reaction to the attack on 15 March by religious hardliners and Mahdi Army militiamen.


China Aims for Peaceful Reunification

Enacting a law against secession has always been a legitimate move taken by a sovereign state in defense of its rights and it is a common international practice.

South American-Arab Summit Planned

Twenty-two Arab and 12 South American countries are discussing the agenda and the final declaration project of both regions' presidential summit, to be held in Brasilia, in May.


US Foreign Policy Double Standards

Condoleezza Rice's visit to Asia has encapsulated the single-minded hypocrisy of the George W Bush administration's foreign policy.


Republicans Block Legislative Efforts To Protect Children

Child poverty and exposure to socials ills are growing, and the people who currently control our national government seem little concerned, according to recent information provided by the non-partisan Children's Defense Fund.


Thousands Protest Iraq War in Japan

'The U.S. must stop occupying Iraq! All foreign forces must withdraw from Iraq!'--chanted peace activists joined by many citizens in demonstration marches and various peace actions in major cities in Japan,

Terri Schiavo and the Right's 'Culture of Life'

I was thinking of our country’s long struggle for a democracy of substance – from workers’ rights to civil rights and equality – as I watched the sad and sinister debates concerning Terry Schiavo.


Race and the NBA Coaching Carousel

Something stinks in Cleveland, and it ain’t the Richie Sambora wing of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.


Over Objections, US Pushes Anti-Cuba Resolution at the HRC

This past weekend in Geneva, Switzerland, the Bush administration pressed on the UN Commission on Human Rights at its 61st session a draft resolution attacking Cuba.

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