UN Commission on Human Rights Hears Testimony on Cuban Five

The case of the five Cuban patriots imprisoned in the US for fighting terrorism caused emotions and gestures of solidarity among delegates to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Commission.

Venezuela's Chavez: “Oil is a Geopolitical Weapon”

Chavez’s recent conciliatory statements have brought little slack from Washington as the Bush administration’s harsh anti-Chavez rhetoric continues to boil over with splenetic utterances.

Bush Aggression Fuels UN Reform

US President George W. Bush´s aggressive policy ironically contributed to boost the movement in favor of reforming the UN.

South American-Arab Summit Planned

Twenty-two Arab and 12 South American countries are discussing the agenda and the final declaration project of both regions' presidential summit, to be held in Brasilia, in May.


Over Objections, US Pushes Anti-Cuba Resolution at the HRC

This past weekend in Geneva, Switzerland, the Bush administration pressed on the UN Commission on Human Rights at its 61st session a draft resolution attacking Cuba.


Bush, Fox and Martin Meet in Texas

Canadian Prime Minister Paul Martin and Mexican President Vicente Fox are meeting with President Bush at Baylor University and later at his Crawford, Texas ranch.


Cuba Rejects Bush Administration's 'Human Rights' Ploy

At the 61st session of the UN Commission on Human Rights in Geneva, Switzerland this past week, the Bush administration delegate submitted a draft resolution requesting it to submit a human rights report on Cuba and to monitor the Island through a special rapporteur, or representative to the commission.

FBI Chief Admits Irregularities in Case of the Cuban Five

Nearly seven years after a farce of a trial, a former Miami FBI bureau chief has admitted that the five Cubans imprisoned in the US were not given access to some intelligence information relating to their case.

Washington Sees Iran as a Major Security Threat, but Not Nuclear Brazil

Washington has stepped up its aggressive stance toward Iran, threatening it with harsh UN Security Council-mandated sanctions if it does not abandon its alleged nuclear activities.

Cuba Calls for Human Rights Reform at the UN

Cuba has demanded a thorough reform of the United Nations Comission on Human Rights (UNCHR), which it compared to a 'sinking ship'.

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