US Forces Postponement of Security Council Vote on Darfur Crimes

A vote on a French resolution put before the UN Security Council to refer the crisis and war crimes in Darfur to the International Criminal Court (ICC) was postponed today until Thursday.


Bush's Social Security Crisis Rhetoric Falling Flat

Opponents of Bush's Social Security privatization plan continue to wonder what crisis President Bush and the Republicans are talking about as they try to sell the president's plan to the public.


Health and Safety and Labor's Great Debate

It’s no secret that today, a powerful debate rages in the labor movement. For most union members and supporters, there is probably more confusion than clarity.

Campaign to Renew Voting Rights Mobilizes

Representatives from several national organizations announced the goal of collecting 1 million signatures in a petition drive to encourage Congressional reauthorization of the 1965 Voting Rights Act.


Agent Orange research cancelled: 'A series of lies, deceit and blackmail'

US-funded project to research the connection between the use of Agent Orange during the war and the physical and emotional disabilities suffered by so many in Vietnam was cancelled.


Chemotherapy for Cancer-Ridden Cows and Other Dark Adventures in Peace

On the recent second anniversary of the Iraq War, I was driving along Interstate 95 in the early afternoon, somewhere outside Bangor, Maine, when a cherry red SUV pulled into my lane.


Iraq's Election Still Under Review

A UN review mission completed last week questioned the competitiveness of Iraq's national election, the absence of regulations on the sources of campaign funds or caps on spending, and the transparency or accountability of spending campaign resources.

UN Commission on Human Rights Hears Testimony on Cuban Five

The case of the five Cuban patriots imprisoned in the US for fighting terrorism caused emotions and gestures of solidarity among delegates to the Geneva-based UN Human Rights Commission.


Inequality is a Law of Nature?

'There’s one rule for the rich... Anyone trying to redistribute wealth in a market economy may be up against a law of nature.'


Iraqi Students Protest Attacks by Religious Extremists

Iraqi university sudents struck in mid-March in protest of religious extremist violence aimed at women students and others who support equal gender relations and secular lifestyles.

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