Venezuela's Chavez: “Oil is a Geopolitical Weapon”

Chavez’s recent conciliatory statements have brought little slack from Washington as the Bush administration’s harsh anti-Chavez rhetoric continues to boil over with splenetic utterances.

Bush Aggression Fuels UN Reform

US President George W. Bush´s aggressive policy ironically contributed to boost the movement in favor of reforming the UN.


Tens of Thousands of Turkish Workers Demand an End to Iraq War

With all the other anti-war forces around the world, thousands of workers from various provinces around Turkey condemned the US and chanted out for the 'US to get out of the Middle East.'


Majority Rejects Hypocrisy of Bush's 'Culture of Life'

According to the CNN/USA Today/Gallup nationwide poll, Bush's job-approval rating has sunk to lowest point of his presidency due, at least in part, to public opposition to his intervention in the Terri Schiavo case.


Bush Administration to Block War Crimes Tribunal for Darfur Atrocities

Human rights organizations denounced the Bush administration's attempt to derail UN Security Council action on the human rights crisis in Darfur region of the Sudan last week.


Justice for Kirkuk: Interview with Hamid Majeed Mousa

The UAE daily newspaper “Al-Bayan” (February 2005) published an interview with comrade Hamid Majeed Mousa, the Secretary of the Central Committee of the Iraqi Communist Party, focussing on the problem of Kirkuk.


Millions Protest Iraq War in Indian State of West Bengal

ANY programme against imperialism brings out that extra fervour among the people of Bengal.


Bush’s ‘working retirement’: Work till you drop

“First there was the working lunch, then the working vacation. Now, thanks to George Bush, we are threatened with the working retirement.”

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