Keep Pressure on for Single-Payer Solution

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- Following its successful town hall meeting with Rep. John Conyers in Northampton, MA, last week, PDA is moving south to sponsor a rally in support of the single-payer solution outside the White House Regional Health Forum tomorrow, March 31, in Greensboro, NC.

Danger of Pesticides to Humans and Pets

The active substance in most pesticides is likely one of seven common organophosphate insecticides (OPs), which work by interfering with the transmission of nerve signals in the brains and nervous systems of not just insects—most of whom die on the spot—but to a lesser degree in pets and humans as well.

Taxing Health Benefits Comes with Costs

Unlike wages, health insurance premiums are not subject to taxation. Proposals to end this tax exclusion are emerging in the discussions of how to pay for health care reform. Recent articles from the New York Times, the Washington Post, and the New Republic have reported that top White House aides and members of Congress want to keep the option of taxing employer health benefits firmly on the table.

A 'Public Option' is the Key to Health Care Reform

The Obama administration made a campaign promise that national health legislation would pass early in his administration. The promise has not been derailed by the Daschle fumble. In fact, the outline of an official proposal just might be put forward within a month.

Vermont Healthcare Reform Discussion Misses Labor's Voice

Burlington, VT -- Working people's voices were not heard at the Obama Administration's second regional Health Care Summit in Burlington, VT on March 17.

Tell CNN Report the Truth about Single-payer Healthcare

Fifteen years ago you sometimes heard – actually you heard quite a bit – people saying: 'Let's have a single-payer system like in Canada. The government is going to be the health insurer for everybody.' You don't hear that as much as you used to.

Women Applaud President's New Council to Promote Equality

Women's equality and health organizations celebrated the creation of a new White House Council on Women and Girls this week. With an executive order, President Obama created the office to prompt 'every government agency' to address 'the challenges confronted by women of all ages,' a White House press statement explained.

Media Blackout on Single-Payer Healthcare

Major newspaper, broadcast and cable stories mentioning healthcare reform in the week leading up to President Barack Obama's March 5 healthcare summit rarely mentioned the idea of a single-payer national health insurance program, according to a new FAIR study.


Food Sustainability Advocates Promote Economic Growth, Health

About 300 chefs and other food professionals have signed a letter to the Obamas praising their commitment to healthy, sustainable food, a press statement by the Chefs Collaborative, a non-profit culinary organization, announced last week.


Obama's First Budget and the Battle of Ideas

Taking his first bold steps to reverse the Bush administration's budget priorities, President Barack Obama released his administration's initial budget outline last week, which proposes to end Bush's tax cuts for the wealthiest Americans and corporations, create a reserve health care fund, curb growth in military spending and dramatically improve funding for the needs of working families.