Venezuelan President Chávez Asks Obama to End Blockade of Cuba

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez insisted on Sunday that Washington should end its economic blockade of Cuba and warned US President Barack Obama that he should respect everyone if he wants good relations with the Latin American and Caribbean region.

Reagan Administration Knew of Guatemalan Atrocities, Documents Reveal

Upon entering office in 1981, Ronald Reagan overturned a Carter administration embargo against the military dictatorships that governed Guatemala with terror and violence. Reagan then side-stepped Congress and changed rules overseeing foreign aid and handed the dictators millions in military aid.

El Salvador's Left Wins Historic Election

Last Sunday's election in El Salvador, in which the leftist FMLN (Farabundo Martí Front for National Liberation) won the presidency, didn't get a lot of attention in the international press. It's a relatively small country (7 million people on land the size of Massachusetts) and fairly poor.

New Poll – Venezuelans Express High Rate of Satisfaction

Mérida, March 18, 2009 ( The Inter-American Development Bank (IDB) carried out a study between November 2005 and December 2007 with 40,000 people to determine what economic and social factors most affect individual perceptions about their lives and their countries.

Cuban Literacy Teaching Method Highlighted at ALBA Meeting

Cuba's 'Yes I Can' literacy teaching program, successfully boosted by Cuba and Venezuela in 26 countries, aspires to reach the figure of five million people taught how to read and write by the end of this year.


Relatives of the Cuban Five Demand Visiting Rights

Although the United States has repeatedly refused to allow Adriana Pérez to visit Gerardo Hernandez, she will never give up the struggle for the right to visit her husband. Gerardo Hernandez is one of five Cuban anti-terrorists incarcerated in the United States.


Obama and the Gatekeeper: President Lula Comes to Washington

On Saturday (March 14th), President Barack Obama will meet with Brazilian President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva in Washington. It is the first time Obama will meet with a Latin American head of state as President.

Stand Up for El Salvador

On Sunday, March 15 there is a presidential election in the Central American country of El Salvador. Up until a short while ago, the candidate of the left, Mauricio Funes of the FMLN, had a considerable lead over his right-wing opponent, Rodrigo Avila of the ARENA Party, which has been ruling El Salvador for quite a while.

New OFAC Regulations on Travel to Cuba

On March 11, the Treasury Department's Office of Foreign Asset Control (OFAC) posted a new regulation, plus a guidance letter outlining how the provisions in the FY 09 omnibus spending bill would be implemented, as related to Cuban-American family travel and ag sales.

World Crisis Slams Mexico

Like every other country on the planet, Mexico is being hit hard by the world financial, banking and economic crisis. As in other relatively poor countries, the impact is shaping up to be especially hard on those who have already lost the most from the neo-liberal policy package of free trade, privatization and austerity.

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