A 12-point Program to Reverse the Economic Crisis

Because of the election of Barack Obama, the American people in their great majority have a leg up, but there is still a long way to go. To his credit, the new president is off to a quick start. In less than three months in office he has...

People to G-20: End Casino Capitalism

Leaders of G-20 countries will meet in London on April 2 to discuss ways to respond to the global financial and economic crises. At issue is how to strengthen international oversight and regulation of financial institutions.


Biomass and Alternative Energy

The oldest and most prevalent source of renewable energy known to man, biomass is already a mainstay of energy production in the United States and elsewhere. Since such a wide variety of biomass resources is available biomass promises to play a continuing role in providing power and heat for millions of people around the world.

The Future of Human Beings is What Matters

For me, capitalism has never been an abstract concept. It is a real, concrete part of everyday life. When I was a boy, my family left the rural misery of Brazil's north-east and set off for Sao Paulo.

Polar Bear Troubles

There is no doubt that polar bears are in serious trouble. Already on the ropes due to other human threats, their numbers are falling faster than ever as a result of retreating ice due to global warming.

Global Opinion Favors Gender Equality

Across the world, large majorities of people agree that women should have equal rights and that their governments and international institutions like the United Nations have a role to play in promoting gender equality, a new poll by has found.

International Rules Needed for Money Markets

With the 2nd G20 summit set for early April in London to deal with the financial turmoil, work on international rules has begun with a view to restructuring the global financial markets.

Status of Global Gender Equality: A UN Statement

The respect of women’s reproductive rights, the access to appropriate health care gives protection to the spread of the pandemic which is the trigger for millions of orphans under age 18 and which is expected to exceed 25 million by 2010.

Guadeloupe: Out of Sight, But Not Out of Mind

The French Caribbean is facing serious turbulence. Guadeloupe, one of the French islands in the West Indies, has been completely paralyzed by a general strike since January 19. For more than a month, the population has been bitterly expressing anger towards the French government over the exorbitant cost of living.

Analysis of Iraq's Provincial Elections

The preliminary results for the provincial elections in 14 provinces (out of 18 – the Kurdistan federal region, with 3 provinces, and also Kirkuk were excluded), announced by the Electoral Commission on 5th Feb. 2009, indicate a change in the political landscape in Iraq.