Keep Pressure on for Single-Payer Solution

WASHINGTON, D.C.-- Following its successful town hall meeting with Rep. John Conyers in Northampton, MA, last week, PDA is moving south to sponsor a rally in support of the single-payer solution outside the White House Regional Health Forum tomorrow, March 31, in Greensboro, NC.

Gas Stations and Environmental Hazards

Some of the perils include ground-level ozone caused in part by gasoline fumes, groundwater hazards from petroleum products leaking into the ground, and exposure hazards from other chemicals that might be used at the station if it’s also a repair shop.

US Media Silences Support of Cuba and the Cuban Five

HAVANA, Cuba, March 28 (acn) An unprecedented event in the history of the United States, a gesture of solidarity with Cuba and the Cuban Five, has been silenced by the US media, reported Granma newspaper.

Canada and the G20 – State-Monopoly Capital Fights for Advantage

Prime Minister Harper will head to the London G20 on April 2nd boasting of Canada’s superior banking system that he says will pull the country out of recession faster than any other country on earth.

Buy American and the Recovery Program: Now What?

In February 2008, the US Air Force stunned the aerospace industry, many members of Congress, and thousands of Boeing workers in Washington State and Kansas when it awarded its $35 billion contract to build a midair refueling tanker to the European Aeronautic Defense and Space Company and Northrop Grumman.

Can the Populist Upheaval Take a Working-Class Turn?

The populist over outrage over AIG bonuses, and bailouts that seem to payoff the perpetrators of the financial crisis while millions are left out of work with no medical benefits, and unemployment benefits that are running out, or will run out long before job growth returns – is heading towards a social and political, not just economic, tipping point.

Equality Index Shows Growing Gap Between Blacks and Whites

In its recently published annual report titled 'The State of Black America' for 2008 and 2009, the National Urban League reported a growing equality gap between African Americans and whites.


Specter Can Kiss His Job Goodbye

In what amounted to little more than a cowardly flip-flop, Pennsylvania Sen. Arlen Specter (R), yesterday (Mar. 24) announced he would side with big banks and corporations like Citigroup and Wal-Mart against working Americans.

Atlanta: Emory University Investigating Anti-Palestinian Chalkings

DECATUR – Students at Emory University are troubled by anti-Palestinian remarks which were written with chalk on the main campus on November 02, 2008, saying they feel intimidated by the messages and that the Administration has failed to take action against the alleged perpetrators.

Past Due for Canadian Troop Homecoming

Another four Canadian military personnel have been killed in Afghanistan. It is well past due that Canadian forces be brought home from this senseless war before more die for a poorly defined cause.

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