Why Immigrant Workers Will Fill the Streets This May Day

In a little over a month, hundreds of thousands, perhaps even millions, of people will fill the streets in city after city, town after town, across the US. This year these May Day marches of immigrant workers will make an important demand on the Obama administration...

It’s A New Era! Some Thoughts on the Times We’re Living In

While some are still in denial, most agree that with the election of Barack Obama and the new Congress a new era has been entered. This is not only true in the US but also has huge implications worldwide.


Commentary: Corporate United Front Against EFCA Cracking

Cracks in the corporate front against the Employee Free Choice Act are spreading, according to several recent articles in the typically pro-big business media.

Why Labor Law Doesn't Work for Workers

After months of a media war supporting and condemning it, the Employee Free Choice Act was finally introduced into Congress again this week. The bill has been debated before, but with a larger Democratic majority, its chances of passage are much greater today, and President Obama has said he'll sign it.


Employee Free Choice Act Promotes Democracy

The Employee Free Choice Act, a bill that would remove harsh barriers to joining labor unions, was introduced in Congress, Tuesday March 10th. Supporters of the bill say there are two simple but vital reasons for passing the bill into law: improve democratic rights and boost the economy.

Employee Free Choice Act Preserves Secret Ballot, Supporters Say

Contrary to an expensive ad campaign by corporate lobbyists, US labor law already allows for either a card check or secret ballot process to decide on unionization, Andy Stern, president of the Service Employees International Union, told MSNBC's The Rachel Maddow Show.


Health Care Leads National Reform Agenda

The broken health care system in the US is a certifiable failure. Close to 90 million people went without health insurance at some point in 2007-2008, according to a new report by the advocacy group Families USA.

Analysis of Iraq's Provincial Elections

The preliminary results for the provincial elections in 14 provinces (out of 18 – the Kurdistan federal region, with 3 provinces, and also Kirkuk were excluded), announced by the Electoral Commission on 5th Feb. 2009, indicate a change in the political landscape in Iraq.