Militarization of Civic Affairs in Zimbabwe

In another move designed to intimidate journalists wanting to cover Zimbabwe's up-coming Parliamentary election, President Robert Mugabe has appointed a serving Zimbabwe army major to vet foreign journalists wishing to be accredited.


US restores military support to Indonesia's military dictatorship

The East Timor Action Network (ETAN) has condemned the recent announcement by US Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that the Bush Administration is to restore full International Military Education and Training (IMET) for Indonesia.


Formation of a Patriotic Front in Turkey

In the name of our future based on independence, equality and freedom, we stand against the collaborationist capitalist front, which tries to sell both our country.

Skulduggery In Zimbabwe Campaign

In one of the most blatant examples of political skulduggery by the Zimbabwe government a truck carrying opposition campaign materials worth millions of dollars was commandeered by police at a roadblock

The political challenge of the 21st century: Building a democratic, humanist socialism

In recent months, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has begun to explicitly advocate for socialism, marking a significant development.


US Has No Moral High Ground on Human Rights, Says Cuba

Cuba's foreign minister rejected a recent State Department report criticizing the island's human rights record, charging that Washington has no moral authority to judge other countries.


Venezuela and the Latin American New Left

Will Uruguay's new president adopt a concertación style of government as seen in Chile, a balancing act between populist demands and IMF mandates as in Brazil, or a frontal assault on Washington – at least rhetorically – like Venezuela under Hugo Chávez?

Gladys Marin Presente!

The Communist Party USA received the news of the death of Gladys Marin with great sorrow. All of us, members and leaders, veterans and new activists alike held her in high esteem and will always cherish our memories of her life, her ideas and her work.


Gladys Marin Honored by Cuba

Shocked by the death of Gladys Marin, president of the Chilean Communist Party, Cubans remember today the constant expressions of friendship and solidarity from that outstanding revolutionary with the island.


China Asserts One-China Principle and Hopes for Peaceful Reunification

Chinese President Hu Jintao set forth a four-point guideline on cross-Straits relations under the new circumstances, while attending a joint panel discussion of China's top advisory body.

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