On the Release of Giuliana Sgrena

A few minutes, that is how long our joy lasted. The time which goes from a phone call to another: the one telling us of Giuliana’s freedom and the one which throws us into the killing of the person who more than anybody else worked to free her.

Chavez Warns Against Further US Intervention

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has reiterated Friday that his nation would cut off oil supplies to the United States if Washington tries to attack his country.

Growing Global Opposition to Bush Agenda

In varying degrees from country to country, the gap is still left between the United States and European countries over major international issues.


The Yalta Conference and International Cooperation

he postwar rightwing Republican use of the issue of the Yalta Conference was for domestic political consumption.


Australian Withdrawal From Iraq Called For

At the very time a number of other countries are withdrawing their armed forces from the Iraq quagmire, the Howard government is heading in the opposite direction.


Haiti, a Forgotten Country

Haiti is now by far the poorest country in the Americas. Once it was, as Saint Domingue, the richest of all the colonies.


Socialist President Sworn into Office in Uruguay

Tabare Vazquez will be sworn in Tuesday as the first socialist president of Uruguay with a broad political support, breaking with a nearly 180 year-old tradition of conservative administrations.


The US State Department Country Reports – Oh the Hypocrisy!

The report cites the cases of Afghanistan and Iraq. It revises history to claim that the people there rose up to create new regimes.


Indian Sub-continent Communists Meet for Peace

This would be the first-ever official delegation by the communist parties to visit Pakistan. Both the general secretaries would be setting their foot on Pakistani soil for the first time.

Essential Facts About Voting Rights in Cuba

Beginning today, and until March 24, tens of thousands of voter assemblies will take place, and more than eight million citizens will nominate their candidates for municipal delegates.

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