Formation of a Patriotic Front in Turkey

In the name of our future based on independence, equality and freedom, we stand against the collaborationist capitalist front, which tries to sell both our country.


Who owns the sperm?

The story deals with an Illinois Appeals Court decision concerning the property value of sperm.


Tale of the Tape: Robert Ehrlich vs. Vernon Lee Evans

At first glance, it doesn't seem like a fair fight.

Skulduggery In Zimbabwe Campaign

In one of the most blatant examples of political skulduggery by the Zimbabwe government a truck carrying opposition campaign materials worth millions of dollars was commandeered by police at a roadblock

Bush's 'Ownership Society' Not for Minimum Wage Workers

The Senate failed to boost the federal minimum wage, meaning the 2.5 million workers who make the $5.15 hourly federal minimum wage will not have seen a wage increase since 1997.

The political challenge of the 21st century: Building a democratic, humanist socialism

In recent months, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has begun to explicitly advocate for socialism, marking a significant development.


The Song of Roland Revisited

In its darkest hours, America has always found illumination in the rhetoric of the Enlightenment and in the reasoned thinking of its Founding Fathers.

Top Ten Reasons To Stop Social Security Privatization

There are 1,000 reasons to convince Congress to sign the pledge. Here are just 10.


National Hockey League Says: “Bring On The Scabs”

Three billion dollars. This was the offer put on the table by a coterie of Boston based businessmen to buy the entire National Hockey League puck, stick, and barrel.


US Has No Moral High Ground on Human Rights, Says Cuba

Cuba's foreign minister rejected a recent State Department report criticizing the island's human rights record, charging that Washington has no moral authority to judge other countries.

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