May 1: The Power To Stop The System

WE HAVEN'T seen anything as odious and hateful as the Sensenbrenner legislation since the Fugitive Slave Act of 1857. People should look it up--another law that asked citizens to participate in the persecution of others and the returning of escaped slaves to their former masters.

Energy Crisis: Brother, Can You Spare a Gallon?

No one should take the Republicans program seriously. The 'rebate' concept is meaningless. Their call for the development of alternative energy resources is hypocritical in the extreme.

Wealthy Heirs Have Estate-Tax in Cross-Hairs

The Bush tax cuts for the rich didn't go far enough, says a lobbying effort spearheaded by the 18 wealthiest families in the country. According to a new report co-authored by Public Citizen and United for a Fair Economy (UFE), these families have banded together to secretly finance a campaign to repeal the estate tax.

Open Borders

Here’s a two-word proposal for solving the immigration crisis in the USA: open borders. Before you mouse-click me into oblivion or crumple up your newspaper in disgust, hear me out.

Behind the GOP Attack on Science

The destruction of environmental health is the symptom of a major social disease. The disease is capitalism; Bush, Cheney and company are its main infectious agents.

Washington’s Faltering Anti-Drug Strategy in Colombia

For over 25 years, Washington has enlisted the support of Colombia as its most important relationship in the increasingly bloody and costly anti-drug war being waged in Latin America.

Political Tiddlywinks and Global Ecocide

During the recent hurricane Katrina tragedy, many were distressed by the treatment of the poor of New Orleans who, flooded out and bereft of aid, were left to fend for themselves in a leaky sports stadium and storm-battered conference center.


Abstinence Fails as Anti-AIDS policy, Activists Say

Current Bush administration policy on the global fight against AIDS is failing, a new study by the Government Accountability Office (GAO) shows.


The Air Force Soars to the Right

The Air Force recently released new guidelines on religious expression. The guidelines come after several investigations that documented a lack of religious tolerance at the Air Force Academy.


Katrina survivors demand and deserve the right to reconstruction, and first priority on jobs, job training and contracts.

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