April 29: March for Peace, Justice & Democracy

April 29 will be a powerful opportunity to raise our voices in favor of immediate withdrawal from Iraq -- and the first real opportunity to come together in large numbers to say no to war on Iran.

The War Looks Different from Inside Congress

Public opinion in the United States and  Iraq favors pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq, not to mention removing any who have already entered Iran. This sentiment will be on display this Saturday at the United for Peace and Justice March in New York: www.april29.org

Ain’t Gonna Study War: World Peace Forum 2006

Do we need another social forum-style gathering, with more meetings, seminars, workshops and plenary sessions? When it comes to the international struggle for peace, the answer is yes.

Washington's Wars and Occupations

George Bush sent another one of his swaggering messages April 18. The President refused to rule out a nuclear strike against Iran, declaring that 'all options remain on the table.'

Iraq Can’t be Compared to Post-World War II

In the past three years the Bush administration has vigorously made comparisons between reconstruction in Iraq and post-World War II Germany and Japan.


Zarqawi and the Pentagon’s ongoing War of Deception

In more than 3 years of war, there has never been a positive sighting of alleged terror mastermind Abu Musab al Zarqawi. This has led many to believe that he is merely a creation of Pentagon propagandists working with their agents in the western press.


May Day, Memo Day, Mission Accomplished Day

The first of May is May Day, the real labor day, the commemoration of the Haymarket Massacre and the fight for an 8-hour day in Chicago – an American holiday celebrated everywhere except America.  But the first of May is two other things as well in more recent but already fading history. 


Challenges Facing the Anti-War Movement

As a movement we have been extraordinarily successful in achieving our initial goal: we have helped transform public opinion to the now almost 2/3 majority opposition to the war in Iraq.


3,000 Rally for Peace in Atlanta

About 3,000 peace activists from throughout the US South gathered on Saturday, April 1, in Atlanta, and marched from downtown's The King Center to midtown's Piedmont Park for the causes of peace and justice.


Not One More Death

The book is composed of short essays by Brian Eno, John Le Carre, Harold Pinter, Richard Dawkins, Haifa Zangana, and Michael Faber. It's as good a statement as I've seen of why this war is cruel and destructive.

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