Translating 'Capitalese' Into Ordinary English

They use their own secret language to communicate with one another, a language that says one thing on the surface but has a hidden subtext that, if recognized, allows the reader to translate 'Capitalese' (the secret dialect of the capitalists) into more meaningful ordinary English.

LIBERIA: Women snub police recruitment drive

Police officers on the new force will be paid US $10 to US $20 a month, equivalent to typical wages in the Liberian civil service. A sack of rice, one of the staples in the Liberian diet, costs around US $22.

Bay of Pigs Invasion: Original Statements by Commander-in-Chief Fidel Castro during attack

'They have come here to take away the dignity the Revolution has given back to black men and women; we fight to preserve for all that supreme dignity essential to human beings. They have come to take away from our workers their new jobs; we fight for a liberated Cuba with employment for every working man and woman.'

Cuban Parliament President: 'What is the latest news regarding the Five? The very absence of news!'

'The case of the[Cuban] Five began when our compatriots were arrested on September 12, 1998, through to today April 12, 2006.' On mastermind terrorist Posada Carriles being in the U.S.: ' Nobody speaks of deporting him, of punishing him'

The Tail Wags the Dog: Mexico’s “Televisa Law” Another Nail in the Coffin of Fox’s Legacy

The [Televisa] facility with which the media corporations successfully manipulated the varying electoral ambitions of political parties represents a rank perversion of the democratic process.

A Living Wage Revolution

It may at first seem odd to call a proposal for a living wage standard 'revolutionary', because I haven't heard the students at UVA say one word about any private company picking up responsibility for people who can't work. 

Latin America and the Caribbean in the US National Security Strategy

One needs to mention... the overthrow of Haitian President Jean Bertrand Aristide, who was democratically elected, and the coup d'etat against Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez in April, 2002, which were not seen as violations of democracy.

Nepal: People Continue To Defy Threats

US imperialists have lost hope of Gyanendra’s survival --- of their safest bet in the country over the last five years.

Israel: Olmert's government accused of cynical maneuvering over 'affirmative action' measures

The measures, announced on March 12 at the weekly cabinet meeting, will include creating 37 and a half jobs a year for the next three years in government ministries to be offered to Arab candidates 'whenever possible.'

Punishing the Victim: Donors cutting aid to the PA

Canada and the United States of America (USA), followed by the European Union and Japan, have suspended their financial aid to the Palestinian National Authority (PNA).

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