May 1: The Power To Stop The System

WE HAVEN'T seen anything as odious and hateful as the Sensenbrenner legislation since the Fugitive Slave Act of 1857. People should look it up--another law that asked citizens to participate in the persecution of others and the returning of escaped slaves to their former masters.

Energy Crisis: Brother, Can You Spare a Gallon?

No one should take the Republicans program seriously. The 'rebate' concept is meaningless. Their call for the development of alternative energy resources is hypocritical in the extreme.

Lower Wages, Higher Profits

The new spike in oil and gasoline prices is the last nail in the coffin for workers who hoped to see any real improvement in wages this year.

Bush administration wounded, yet more dangerous

Everybody seems to agree that the Bush administration has lost much of its political support. No longer does it speak with the same authority.

Coca-Cola Misleading Public on Water Issues

The Coca-Cola company is misleading the University of Minnesota by making unsubstantiated claims about its relationship to water. The Coca-Cola company has a dismal record of protecting water resources.


It is a day of reckoning for Nepal's monarchy. A revolution is taking place there, steadily and resolutely. The pro-democracy movement of Nepalese people has turned into an anti-monarchy upsurge.

April 29: March for Peace, Justice & Democracy

April 29 will be a powerful opportunity to raise our voices in favor of immediate withdrawal from Iraq -- and the first real opportunity to come together in large numbers to say no to war on Iran.

Decision to Cut Aid to Palestinian Authority Criticized

The recent decisions by the US and the European Union (EU) to cut funding to the Palestinian Authority as a result of the January 2006 elections that gave Hamas a majority in the Palestinian Legislative Council was strongly criticized this past week by the human rights organization Amnesty International.

Vietnam: Communist Party Leader Focuses on War, Corruption and Growth

Re-elected Party General Secretary Nong Duc Manh has expressed his firm belief that the Party will be able to counter rampant corruption, while eyeing accelerated and sustained development for the nation.

US Imperialism Brings World to the Brink

While choking developing countries with economic pressure the US is simultaneously and aggressively building up its military forces and presence throughout the world.

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