Cuban Drugs for HIV Patients

Although the AIDS rate prevalence in Cuba is the lowest of the American continent, health authorities implement a strong prevention system and ensure comprehensive medical care for all seropositive and sick people, while they search for vaccines with a therapeutic effect.

ZIMBABWE: Adult population to die before age 40, says UN report

Zimbabwe's women now have an average lifespan of 34 years, the lowest in the world; that of men is 37 years...With inflation at almost 800 percent, people are battling to cope with rising prices and drug shortages.

Impeachment Clock Advances

What makes this latest revelation important is that if Libby's claim is correct, it means the president has lied about his role, both to Fitzgerald's federal investigators, and to the American people


Unions Lead Mass Protests for Immigrants' Rights

Unionists and their allies expected to lead mass protests in more than 65 cities nationwide for immigrants’ rights – including more than 100,000 jamming the Mall between the Washington Monument and the Capitol – on April 10.


Book Review: Stop the Next War Now

Now might be the time to read, if you haven't already, 'Stop the Next War Now: Effective Responses to Violence and Terrorism,' an amazing book edited by CODE PINK cofounders Medea Benjamin and Jodie Evans.


Labor and Immigrants Unite: Immigration Forum, April 21

Hundreds of thousands of people have gone into the street around the country, protesting the anti-immigrant bills in Congress. Labor must be deeply involved in these demonstrations, and in the effort to protect the rights of immigrant workers.


The Air Force Soars to the Right

The Air Force recently released new guidelines on religious expression. The guidelines come after several investigations that documented a lack of religious tolerance at the Air Force Academy.


Challenges Facing the Anti-War Movement

As a movement we have been extraordinarily successful in achieving our initial goal: we have helped transform public opinion to the now almost 2/3 majority opposition to the war in Iraq.


CIA Manual on the Promotion of Democracy

It is right to say that US government officials have developed a true art for concocting opposition movements and interfering in the election processes of foreign countries under the pretext of democracy.


Assaulting Cynthia McKinney

Joe Scarborough, political hack and host of Scarborough Country on MSNBC, went on yet another odious rant on April 3. This time his scurrilous remarks were aimed at six-term Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney.

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