CPUSA: Change Congress 2006!—Report to the National Committee

A powerful movement for peace, for civil rights, for social justice is unfolding, with the primary task of Changing Congress in 2006... The question is, can the fear factor smokescreen associated with the war on terrorism create a thick enough cover to maintain the corrupt Republican majority in the U.S. House and Senate?

Washington and UN Work to Create Anti-Lavalas Coalitions

In the years leading up to Haiti’s 2006 presidential and legislative elections, whose second round are now set for April 21, the International Republican Insitute (IRI) helped form and coach three coalitions of right wing and social-democratic parties...

Washington’s Faltering Anti-Drug Strategy in Colombia, and Bogotá’s Evaporating Extradition Policy

As one of Washington’s strongest allies, Colombia holds a special diplomatic position in a region that is increasingly wary of U.S. intervention.


India: Elections in West Bengal

THE elections to West Bengal state assembly, this time, is receiving unprecedented level of attention not only inside the country, but even internationally.


Iran: Playing Dangerous Games with Patriotic Sentiment

In the recent years and in the course of disputes about Iran’s nuclear policies, the Tudeh Party of Iran has always stressed that peaceful use of nuclear energy is the indisputable right of Iran and all other countries of the world.

MALAWI: More needs to be done to stem brain drain

Malawi has an extremely low ratio of less than 2 doctors and 29 nurses per 100,000 people, with only 13 Malawian doctors working in the 27 district hospitals. 'The main problem is that most of the doctors we sent for training in the UK remain there after completing their studies,'

Victory! France scraps anti-labor law

Prime Minister Villepin poured fuel on the protest with his arrogant refusal to meet and discuss the draconian law, claiming it was essential to modernize France and make it competitive in “globalized markets.”

AFL-CIO Blog: Lots To Say

At the AFL-CIO Convention last year, delegates approved a resolution on the war in Iraq...We encourage everyone to read the full resolution to see where the AFL-CIO union movement stands on this painful issue.

CHAD: President threatens to expel Darfur refugees as attacks surge in lawless east

The Darfur conflict erupted in early 2003 when the rebels took up arms against the Sudanese government in Khartoum to end what they call the neglect and oppression of the inhabitants of Darfur, western Sudan.


May Day, Memo Day, Mission Accomplished Day

The first of May is May Day, the real labor day, the commemoration of the Haymarket Massacre and the fight for an 8-hour day in Chicago – an American holiday celebrated everywhere except America.  But the first of May is two other things as well in more recent but already fading history. 

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