Relatives of the Cuban Five Demand Visiting Rights

Although the United States has repeatedly refused to allow Adriana Pérez to visit Gerardo Hernandez, she will never give up the struggle for the right to visit her husband. Gerardo Hernandez is one of five Cuban anti-terrorists incarcerated in the United States.


Obama and the Gatekeeper: President Lula Comes to Washington

On Saturday (March 14th), President Barack Obama will meet with Brazilian President Luis Inácio Lula da Silva in Washington. It is the first time Obama will meet with a Latin American head of state as President.

Tell the Senate to Give Homeowners a Bailout

While banks and mortgage lenders get bailed out, families across the country are increasingly facing the prospect of losing their homes. There's a new bill in Congress that would help: the Helping Families Save Their Homes in Bankruptcy Act. It would enable struggling homeowners to renegotiate the terms of their loans and stay in their homes.

Tell CNN Report the Truth about Single-payer Healthcare

Fifteen years ago you sometimes heard – actually you heard quite a bit – people saying: 'Let's have a single-payer system like in Canada. The government is going to be the health insurer for everybody.' You don't hear that as much as you used to.

Stimulus Dollars Begin to Roll, GOP Govs. Block Recovery

The president's economic recovery package passed in mid-February, and many of its funds for job-creating projects and provisions are on their way to the states. Political motives on the part of some of the nation's governors, however, seem to be causing economic recovery to grind to a halt.

Women Applaud President's New Council to Promote Equality

Women's equality and health organizations celebrated the creation of a new White House Council on Women and Girls this week. With an executive order, President Obama created the office to prompt 'every government agency' to address 'the challenges confronted by women of all ages,' a White House press statement explained.

A Day in the Life of a Social Arsonist

My job is to meet with people across Southern California and figure out what moves them, why they do what they do. There amidst the variations of a kitchen table, lazy couch, or occasional pristine Starbucks, I have found that unfortunately this thing of being moved is contagious.

Lessons from the Great Depression for Economic Recovery in 2009

In the last few months, I have found myself uttering the words 'worst since the Great Depression' far too often: the worst twelve month job loss since the Great Depression; the worst financial crisis since the Great Depression; the worst rise in home foreclosures since the Great Depression.


What's the Deal With Shooting Wolves from Helicopters?

Aerial wolf gunning involves stalking and shooting wolves from low-flying planes and helicopters. The practice yields better results than traditional ground-based hunting since it allows hunters to cover lots of ground quickly and track prey from an unobstructed “bird’s eye” vantage point.


Will Obama Change the World?

Do we leave change up to President Obama, or is it up to us?

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