A 'Public Option' is the Key to Health Care Reform

The Obama administration made a campaign promise that national health legislation would pass early in his administration. The promise has not been derailed by the Daschle fumble. In fact, the outline of an official proposal just might be put forward within a month.

Sanctity of Contracts (for CEOs Only)

A fundamental legal principle of capitalism is the sanctity of contracts. Exchanges of goods and services cannot be made without them. Without legally binding contracts, society would be an anarchic mess.

Vermont Healthcare Reform Discussion Misses Labor's Voice

Burlington, VT -- Working people's voices were not heard at the Obama Administration's second regional Health Care Summit in Burlington, VT on March 17.

Czech Government Pulls Plans for US Radar Base

NEW YORK, March 18, 2009 – In a major setback for Pentagon plans to install a U.S. military radar base in the Czech Republic, the Czech government yesterday withdrew, at least for now (and possibly for good), its proposal to ratify an agreement on the base.

Three Years is Too Long

Veterans For Peace objects to President Obama's plan to keep troops in Iraq until 2011. 'Beside the suffering and death caused by prolonging these wars, America simply can no longer afford the cost of empire,' commented Mike Ferner, the group's National President.

Big Three Look for More Aid, Boost Production Offshore

As poor business decisions and the deepening recession forced the US-based Big Three automakers to seek a financial bailout from the US government totaling $25 billion last year, production in other countries by those car makers outpaced US production.

Environmentalists Back Employee Free Choice Act

Washington, D.C.—The Sierra Club today reaffirmed is strong commitment to working for the passage of the Employee Free Choice Act. Sierra Club President Allison Chin spoke at a rally outside the U.S. Capitol.

Advocacy Groups Fear New Wave of Homelessness

Homeless advocates in the United States say if the new Congress and the Barack Obama administration do nothing, many more low-income people already teetering on the brink could end up living on the streets over the next two years.


Afghanistan and the 'Surge' Delusion

Using the same language as the previous US administration to justify a surge of troops in Afghanistan, Gen. David Petraeus told a gathering sponsored by the World Affairs Council last week that '[w]e must help our Afghan partners create the breathing space that'll allow the people to stand up for themselves...

The Afghan Quagmire: Imperialism Stays the Course

After Canadian taxpayers have paid more than $11 billion for our military mission, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has publicly conceded that the NATO war in Afghanistan is 'unwinnable.' But despite his admission, Harper is now waffling on recent commitments that Canadian troops would be withdrawn by 2011.

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