The War Looks Different from Inside Congress

Public opinion in the United States and  Iraq favors pulling U.S. troops out of Iraq, not to mention removing any who have already entered Iran. This sentiment will be on display this Saturday at the United for Peace and Justice March in New York: www.april29.org

Wealthy Heirs Have Estate-Tax in Cross-Hairs

The Bush tax cuts for the rich didn't go far enough, says a lobbying effort spearheaded by the 18 wealthiest families in the country. According to a new report co-authored by Public Citizen and United for a Fair Economy (UFE), these families have banded together to secretly finance a campaign to repeal the estate tax.

Georgia Insurance Commissioner Oxendine Accused of Cab Scam

Georgia Insurance Commissioner John Oxendine is being accused of taking improper actions which benefitted his cab industry campaign contributors, Atlanta Progressive News has learned.


Thousands March in San Francisco for Immigrants' Rights

Fifteen thousand people rally and march (April 23) in San Francisco, demanding legalization and equality for undocumented immigrants.

Open Borders

Here’s a two-word proposal for solving the immigration crisis in the USA: open borders. Before you mouse-click me into oblivion or crumple up your newspaper in disgust, hear me out.

Nebraska Official: Cuban Market Important- and other Cuba News

Cuban Alimport and the US State of Nebraska signed several agreements on Wednesday for the purchase of 2.8 million dollars worth of food as part of an import deal worth 30 million dollars.

Is Hamas Hopeless? Who is Really Responsible For The Impasse In Israeli-Palestinian Peace Talks?

Hamas should realize that the struggle of Palestinian people is both a national struggle and part of a world struggle against imperialism and oppression of all people's. International solidarity is vital and may well be lost by the immoral endorsements of murderous acts of terrorism committed against working people and other innocent civilians.

ZAMBIA: A 'crushing' life for children forced to work

Besides losing out on schooling, children working in the quarry sites are exposed to hazards such as 'injuries from heavy tools, inhaling of dust ... and damage to eyes and skin from flying chips of stones'.

US National Security Strategy 2006: CP of India(M) Viewpoint

US president George W Bush released the latest US National Security Strategy in Washington on March 17, 2006. The NSS is the definitive US strategic policy document which, by law, is supposed to be announced annually but has now been released after a gap of four years.

Washington's Wars and Occupations

George Bush sent another one of his swaggering messages April 18. The President refused to rule out a nuclear strike against Iran, declaring that 'all options remain on the table.'

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