Condi, War Crimes & the Press

During the three years of carnage in Iraq, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has shifted away from her now-discredited warning about a “mushroom cloud” to assert a strategic rationale for the invasion.


Republican voters jumping ship on Iraq occupation

With news from Iraq bleaker than ever, a new poll shows a large bipartisan majority of Americans want to begin pulling out U.S. troops, and strongly oppose permanent U.S. bases in Iraq.

Death Squads Target Iraqi Gays

Following a death-to-gays fatwa issued last October by Grand Ayatollah Ali al-Sistani, death squads of the Badr Corps have been systematically targeting gay Iraqis for persecution and execution, gay Iraqis say.

War Protesters to 'Turn Themselves In'

Free-speech advocates and war protesters all across the United States will turn themselves in to the FBI this Friday, March 31st. Through this action, participants will ease the workload of federal spies, freeing them up to engage in legitimate law-enforcement activities

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