Nepal: Left Calls for End to Repression, Talks

With several protesters killed, hundreds wounded, and thousands jailed, opposition political parties in Nepal have extended a recently called general strike indefinitely.


India and the US National Security Strategy

US president George W Bush released the latest US National Security Strategy in Washington on March 17, 2006. The NSS is the definitive US strategic policy document which, by law, is supposed to be announced annually but has now been released after a gap of four years.


Nepal: General Strike Against Repressive Regime Continues

The regressive royal regime has barbarously been mounting its repression on the peaceful demonstrators belonging to the seven-party alliance (SPA).


Bangladesh: Garment Workers Unite for Struggle

At least 1,700 workers, mostly young girls, were working inside the factory when the fire broke out. As usual, the only stairs and exits in the building were locked, and workers frantically tried to escape by breaking down a wall and jumping from the 9-story building.

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