Nepal: Seven Party Alliance Announces Demands


4-18-06, 8:35 am

April 12, 2006 Press Statement

A meeting of the top leaders of the seven political parties was held today in the afternoon in Kathmandu. The decisions of the meeting were publicized in the following communiqué:

1. The peaceful joint movement launched under the leadership of the seven political parties for an end of the autocratic monarchy and for the establishment of full-fledged democracy is becoming more effective and forceful. It is our conclusion that only the joint peaceful mass movement can fulfill the objective of the ongoing movement. In this movement, the participation of broad masses of the people including the leaders and activists of political parties, mass organizations, media workers, professional and community organizations and human rights workers has been widening. In the course of the movement six brave persons have been killed. Thousands of people have been arrested and wounded. We pay our heartfelt homage to the martyrs and extend our thanks to all those who have participated in the movement. We cordially appeal to all workers, peasants, women, youths, students, intellectuals, civil servants, employees of all public and financial institutions, teachers, university teachers, doctors, engineers, industrialists, business person, journalists, human rights workers, writers, litterateurs, artists and brothers and sisters of all caste, language, religion and region to participate more effectively in a peaceful and non-violent way in the movement.

2. We vehemently condemn the brutal repression and killing of the autocratic regime and express our high respect to the immortal martyrs of the mass movement. We reiterate our commitment that the government formed after the establishment of the democracy shall erect a statue to the martyrs, provide education and employment to the members of the martyrs' families and shall take appropriate steps for reparations for the persons wounded during the movement.

3. We would like to cordially appeal to all hospitals, nursing homes and health centers and health workers to provide treatment either free of charge or in concession to the wounded sick persons caused due to the government's suppression during the ongoing movement. We would like to assure that the democratic government shall pay all expenses made by all health centers during the movement.

4. The regressive royal regime is threatening to take action against workers taking part in the democratic movement. We appeal to all workin gpeople to participate in the movement without fear, discarding the undemocratic and anti-people orders of the autocratic royal regime. We would like to express our commitment that all tworkers who are either fired or otherwise victimized shall be reinstated unconditionally with honor and the right to organize trade unions shall be established after the restoration of democracy.

5. We express our commitment that all those industrialists taking part in the democratic movement shall be exempted from the bank interest for the period of the movement by the democratic government and the government shall bear the liability arising there from.

6. We seven agitating political parties are also in favor of the welfare and prosperity of the army and police. We believe that they are for the service of the people. However, the present regressive royal regime is trying to protect itself and fulfil its vested interest using the security forces for the suppression of the peaceful mass movement. Therefore, we would like to urge all security forces to refrain from resorting to suppression against the movement. We have directed all local committee of the seven parties to keep records and collect the names of those who have resorted to brutal suppression against the mass movement. We would like to make it clear that the government established after the restoration of democracy shall take stern action against those involved in the suppression of the participants in the peaceful movement.

7. At present, the autocratic royal government is hatching a conspiracy to turn the movement violent and bloody planting plainclothes and armed security personnel and state protected vigilantes intending to tie the movement to violence while the peaceful movement is reaching at its climax. It is evident from the incident in Nepalgunj the other day where the United Nations human rights workers caught such security personnel. We have received information about similar incidents from different parts of the country. We would like to request the people of Nepal to continue their cooperation, and we beg their pardon for the inconvenience caused due to the ongoing general strike at this historical juncture while the mass movement is heading towards success.

8. There can be no permanent peace in the country until the end of autocracy and establishment of full-fledged democracy. We have made a 12-point understanding with the Nepal Communist Party (Maoist) (November 22, 2005 and March 19, 2006) to bring permanent peace and to restore democracy in the country ending the present conflict. Accordingly, we are fully committed to resolve the present conflict through the peaceful mass movement. We are fully confident that this objective can be achieved by the peaceful joint mass movement that is conducted on the basis of the seven political parties' declared goals, program and code of conduct.

9. We would like to thank all friendly countries and international communities for their solidarity with our peaceful mass movement and we cordially expect their similar cooperation, support and solidarity in the days to come.

10. The New Year 2063 is beginning and the year 2062 is departing forever. On this occasion, we would like to extend our cordial best wishes to all Nepalis for their happiness, peace and prosperity and wish for an end of the autocratic monarchy and establishment of full-fledged democracy in the country.

Amrit Kumar Bohara Acting General Secretary,CPN (UML)

Girija Prasad Koirala President,Nepali Congress

Sher Bahadur Deuba President, Nepali Congress (D)

Amik Serchan President,Jana Morcha Nepal

Narayan Man Bijukche President,Nepal Workers and Peasants' Party

Bharat Bimal Yadav Vice-President Nepal Sadbhawan Party (A)