India: Millions vote peacefully in Left citadel West Bengal

Around 65 percent of 6.8 million electorate voted Monday in three districts of West Bengal to mark the start of staggered assembly elections the ruling Left Front hopes to win for a record seventh term.


Capitalism, CEO Pay, and the Common Good

I, like millions of other former and ongoing Verizon customers, watched my phone bills rise sharply for local calls while a deregulated Verizon got into Internet, cell phones, TV, etc., making us pay for both their investments in the new technologies and their discounts to new customers for relatively expensive services.


Rumsfeld may be 'Criminally Liable' for Torture

Just as President Bush announced full support for Secretary of Defense Donald Rumsfeld in the face of a 'revolt of the generals' who have criticized Rumsfeld for faulty leadership of the war in Iraq, documents linking Rumsfeld directly to the abuse of prisoners at the US prison camp at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba were revealed in the US media.


Book Review: Trade Secrets, by Doron S. Ben-Atar

Of late, a major problem in the bi-lateral relations between Washington and Beijing has been the allegation by the former that the latter is a major pirate of U.S. intellectual property.


Canada and Six Nations Confederacy: Occupation of Douglas Creek continues

Six Nations protesters have occupied a Caledonia, Ontario, subdivision building site known as the Douglas Creek Estates since February 28.

Nepal: Royalty On Its Way Out

Nepalese people have begun to remove the signs and demolish the symbols that remind one of a monarchy’s existence. The slogan “Burn the Crown” has caught the public imagination from one part of this Himalayan nation to another.

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