Wake Up Call on Ecology: 'Where are the Frogs?'

It could well be that the end to life on earth will not come gradually over a century or over several centuries, but more the way it happens in a goldfish bowl: one day your fish is swimming happily around in clear water...the next, you find it floating belly-up...

Chinese premier addresses media on major issues

Through China's reform and development, we have successfully resolved the problem of feeding 1.3 billion people in the world, we have successfully lifted over 200 million people out of poverty.

State Council of the People's Republic of China: On Political Rights and Freedom in U.S.

The United States has always boasted itself as the 'model of democracy' and hawked its mode of democracy to the rest of the world. In fact, American 'democracy' is always one for the wealthy and a 'game for the rich.'

Military recruitment protest: Open letter to SFU President from antiwar movement

On Friday, April 14 ten SFSU students protested military recruitment at the university’s career fair. Campus police interrupted their protest and physically took the students from the school’s gymnasium where they were protesting. ...they were banned from campus.


Nepal: Sea of humanity in district protests

More than hundred thousand people marched in the streets of Pokhara in Kaski, Narayangadh in Chitwan and Ghorahi in Dang district on Thursday demanding immediate restoration of Loktantra and end of autocratic monarchy.


Venezuela to withdraw from Andean Community of Nations

Yesterday, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez said Venezuela would exit from the Andean Community of Nations (CAN), and that he would consider dropping import tariffs for select agricultural goods for some neighboring countries.


Workers at Toyota's main supplier lack health insurance coverage

Denso is Japan's largest supplier of car parts mainly for Toyota Motor Corp. which keeps making more than 1 trillion yen in annual profits. Denso has its head office in Kariya city, Aichi Prefecture. Many of its contingent workers are not covered by the health insurance program.


The Illegality of 'Legal Opposition' in Colombia

Notwithstanding Colombia's 'democratic' image, in practice political opposition in Colombia has traditionally had very limited margins for legal activity, and has constantly been pushed toward non-institutional forms of action.


Venezuela and the century of socialism

So how, without a program of extensive nationalisation, with a virtual open door to foreign investment and with few apparent links to the working class, does the government of Hugo Chávez attract so much interest and support from the socialist and communist movements in Latin America and increasingly from all over the world?

Nepal: Hundreds of thousands defy curfew in capital

The police fired at the protestors defying curfew in Kalanki killing at least three and injuring dozens. The Armed Police Force (APF) personnel fired live and rubber bullets on the mass of about 35,000.

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