Fitzgerald Discovered Identity of CIA Leak Suspect Two Years Ago

The special counsel appointed in late December 2003 to investigate the leak of covert CIA operative Valerie Plame Wilson found out the identity of the Bush administration official who disclosed her undercover status to syndicated columnist Robert Novak just two months after the probe began.


Condi, War Crimes & the Press

During the three years of carnage in Iraq, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has shifted away from her now-discredited warning about a “mushroom cloud” to assert a strategic rationale for the invasion.


Left Gains in Israeli Elections

The election results also show that those parties that raised the banner of opposition to evacuation of settlements and withdrawal from the occupied territories suffered a serious setback.


Bangladesh: Garment Workers Unite for Struggle

At least 1,700 workers, mostly young girls, were working inside the factory when the fire broke out. As usual, the only stairs and exits in the building were locked, and workers frantically tried to escape by breaking down a wall and jumping from the 9-story building.


US Attitude to Hamas: The Disturbing Parallel With Nicaragua

What is currently transpiring in the Occupied Territories is by far a worst-case scenario, ironically one made possible with the direct help of many Palestinians themselves.

Venezuela Oil Profits for Venezuela

Unlike the old days with the State only getting a cut of 33% per barrel, the new rules give Venezuela 80%.

France: Non au CPE [No to First Employment Contract]

President Jacques Chirac signed the bill into law over the weekend but immediately suspended it under the growing pressure, and called for a compromise and promising to amend it.


Crisis in Auto: A Not So Modest Proposal for Labor

The Delphi corporation, a major auto parts supplier to General Motors, has proposed to a Federal Bankruptcy Court that it 'rewrite' existing labor contracts to sharply reduce wage rates and benefits presently in effect.


Book Review: Reflections in a Bloodshot Lens

Are the Bush president and the Blair house servant so witless that they imagine that, by bombing countries, incinerating their people, torturing the survivors, stealing their resources and smashing the infrastructure, they will win hearts and minds?

Immigration: A Great Debate About What It Means to Be American

Another recent survey shows lawfully present immigrants—26 million Americans—strongly oppose the harsh measures of the House bill.

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