African National Congress: An Inspiration for Palestinians

The success of calls for international isolation was partly due to the role that was played by South Africans in exile. They worked tirelessly at raising the level of awareness of the international community to the atrocities being committed by the apartheid regime.

The Washington Post’s Chief Anti-Chavez Cheerleader Is Primed for Elections

Anyone looking to keep up to date with the current talking points for the Venezuelan opposition need only follow the writings of Jackson Diehl in the Washington Post.


The Politics of Foreign Aid

Last week the Senate confirmed Randall Tobias as the new administrator of the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID). Secretary of State Condoleeza Rice also appointed Mr. Tobias to serve as the Director of Foreign Assistance, a newly created position that will oversee $19 billion in foreign aid.


Who is Luis Posada Carriles?

The Montreal Convention's Article 7 gives the US no discretion. It must either extradite or prosecute Posada Carriles for 73 counts of first degree murder in relation to the downing of the airliner.


Japan: Koizumi's leadership has brought nothing but harm

In the last five years under the Koizumi cabinet, poverty has increased and the social gap has widened; U.S. military bases in Japan have been strengthened; and Japan's Asia diplomacy is at a serious impasse.


Italy: Left Gains in the General Election

A very important step has been made: we defeated Berlusconi. Now we intend to rule Italy towards a change and to help the rise of a new political subject of the alternative left in Italy.


Election 2006: The Stakes Are Very High

Last fall, I noted that the cumulative weight of an increasingly unpopular war, Katrina, indictments, incompetence, corruption, scandals, cronyism, and deeply felt anxiety with energy costs and the economy had taken its toll on the standing of the Bush administration.

Haitian Leader Honors Jose Marti in Cuba : Preval Calls for Regional Unity and other Cuba news

Accompanied by Cuban Foreign Affairs Minister Felipe Perez Roque, the Haitian president-elect honored Cuban National Hero Jose Marti on Wednesday by laying a wreath on his monument in Havana.


Venezuela Unveils Monument for Victims on Coup Anniversary

Venezuelans commemorated the 4th anniversary of the April 11, 2002, coup d’etat, yesterday, with the unveiling of a monument to the victims at the Llaguno Bridge, one of the centers of the violence in 2002. 


Privilege Meets Protest at Duke University

In Durham North Carolina, a scant three miles separate Duke from historically Black North Carolina Central University (NCCU), but the divide more resembles a canyon.

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