Washington’s Faltering Anti-Drug Strategy in Colombia

For over 25 years, Washington has enlisted the support of Colombia as its most important relationship in the increasingly bloody and costly anti-drug war being waged in Latin America.


Recent Media Coverage of the HIV/AIDS Crisis in Africa

Two pieces in The Washington Post in the past week - an article entitled 'How AIDS in Africa was Overstated' (April 6) and an editorial on 'Assessing AIDS' (April 10) - have disputed the accuracy of UNAIDS’ estimates of HIV/AIDS infection rates in Africa.


Nepal: Resistance to Royalist Repression Continues

Thousands of people demonstrated in many towns across the country over the past six days. Throughout the weekend, pro-democracy demonstrators met with massive brutality by police forces with batons and clubs, rubber bullets and tear gas.

Council On Hemispheric Affairs:The Immigration Debate Rolls On...

U.S. policymakers must be prepared to examine both the labor practices of U.S. corporations, and failed past U.S. foreign policy initiatives which went a long way in driving illegal immigration.


Israeli Attacks on Civilians Violates International Law, says human rights group

The indiscriminate killing and wounding of children prompted Amnesty to express doubt about the sincerity of public expressions of regret by Israeli military and government officials over the killing of innocent civilians in military strikes.

South Africa-Swaziland: Pro-democracy activists arrested

'The people of Swaziland are living under a state of emergency that bans political parties and outlaws all forms of political activity, including all the rights and freedoms of the people to organise...'


Israel's Elections: A Decisive Vote for Apartheid

A recent study of Israeli racism [2] confirms this 'moral degradation.' More than two thirds of Israeli Jews stated they would not live in the same building with Palestinian citizens of Israel, while 63% agreed with the statement that 'Arabs are a security and demographic threat to the state.'

Duped into buying Weyerhaeuser 'green' products

Weyerhaeuser building products and new homes marketed in the United States as 'environmentally friendly' use wood clear-cut without consent from treaty-protected indigenous territory within Canada’s threatened Boreal Forest.

Anti-Communist Attacks in the Czech Republic

In December last year the Ministry of Interior of the Czech Republic sent a warning letter to the Communist Youth Union (KSM) threatening the KSM with banning this youth civic organization.

Political Tiddlywinks and Global Ecocide

During the recent hurricane Katrina tragedy, many were distressed by the treatment of the poor of New Orleans who, flooded out and bereft of aid, were left to fend for themselves in a leaky sports stadium and storm-battered conference center.

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